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and searching to work in Germany?

We accompany international healthcare professionals from applying for licenses to engage in their respective healthcare professions in Germany to integrating into the German healthcare market.

We train our doctors, physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and nurses to successfully bring their professional profile and experience from their home countries into the German health care system.

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Qualification program

Special German Courses for Medical Doctors

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Recognition & Translation


Overview of the qualification programs
(In partnership with Advanzioo Academy )

Healthcare professionals who are willing to work in Germany must pass a professional language exam at the C1 level. If healthcare professionals have completed a degree in medicine or pharmacy in another EU country (a so-called third country), they must also take a knowledge test before the competent licensing authority.
Qualification courses prepare mandatory language and knowledge tests for international healthcare professionals and accompany them to successfully obtain a medical license. We offer our AZAV certified intensive courses to participants who already have their residence in Germany or to participants from abroad.

Discover our Qualification packages

  • Qualification for professional recognition in Germany
  • General language, preparation for the professional language test and for the professional knowledge test
  • The courses are planned for full-time (8 to 12 weeks, APPROX 160 to 360 teaching units)
  • The courses are not funded
  • The registration for courses can be made from Germany or from abroad
  • Qualification for professional recognition in Germany
  • Preparation for the professional language test and the professional knowledge test
  • The courses are planned for full-time (12 weeks, 660 teaching units)
  • The courses are exclusively funded



We help our candidates with the Translation & Recognition procedure : All doctors who aim to work in Germany, need to a license to practice their job, which is called “ Approbation “.

  • Profile assessments (All the program will be explained to all candidates with the requirements to enroll in the process, the needed documents and the proposed services)
  • Assist the doctors with Translation & Certification of the documents
  • Assistance with obtaining a license to practice medicine
  • Assistance with receiving the Deficit- Letter
  • Assistance with the entire approval process


Job Placement

We help doctors find their professional match, and find a job in Germany. This includes :
  • Preparation of motivational letter
  • Assistance with Resume creation
  • Presenting your application through our digital platform
  • Coaching & preparation for the interviews
  • Assistance with obtaining the Visa