Why work in Germany? EU and non-EU citizens

Have you ever wondered why many workforces are seeking job opportunities in Germany? The word is, it may be your lifetime chance!

Today, we’re giving you 5 reasons why Germany may be the optimal destination if you’re considering a change in your career !

1. Unemployment? Never heard of it!

Ranked 4th largest economy in the world, it’s no surprise that the unemployment rate of Germany is only 5%.  As a result, there’s an abundance of work offers which makes finding a career of your choice as easy as falling off a log.
Germany is also an industrial powerhouse in Europe. This translates into career possibilities in the IT and engineering fields. 

The healthcare industry also needs fresh talent to replace retiring employees. That’s why hospitals and clinics are always looking for skilled and qualified employees.

2. Better employee benefits

We’ve probably all heard of the cliché about how hard-working Germans are.
The truth is, with an average of 35 working hours per week, they were below
the European average of 37 hours.
Another major benefit is the competitive salaries. Let’s take a look at some of
the top industries wages:

Germany also offers a minimum of 20 vacation days per year along the paid leaves; Did you know that each parent can take up to three years of parental leave per child?

3. No need to worry about the cost of living

With a reasonably priced rent, low-cost transportation, and uncostly food, leading a very comfortable life in Germany doesn’t seem like a problem.

4. Easy obtainment of work permit

The German government has simplified the process of obtaining a work permit in order to promote international employees. As a non-EU citizen, you can apply for a work visa or a Blue Card without a hitch.

5. Quality of life

Here’s some quick info: Germany has one of the highest living levels in the world. Cities such as Munich and Frankfurt are among the top ten cities in terms of quality of life.
Germany offers its residents a clean environment, low crime rates, a variety of cultural and entertainment opportunities, and a well-developed infrastructure.

To sum it all up, besides the beautiful scenery and carefree life, Germany is a minefield of opportunities for overseas job seekers. So, if you’re considering taking a step ahead and working in this economic force, Jobzioo will give you the push that you need. Contact us to find the opportunity that suits you best!
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